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KNM 5.0 ESX monitoring

  • I've just been going through and setting up some monitoring on our esx servers and basically have it all running. Was just wondering if you are able to monitor if:

    1.  The server is in maintenance mode or not

    2. The Licensing status of VMware - License Key, day remaining on license, license details

    3. The status of the guests

  • Hi Kellie,

    Can you share what type of monitor sets you have setup to monitor your ESX hosts?  At the moment I really just want to get hardware monitoring up and running, so that we're alerted if there is an issue with RAID, or redundant power supplies.



  • Hey David,

    Your best bet for that type of check is the monitor that can be found under Lua scripts:

    Monitor/ Script/ Lua Scripts/ wbem_esxi_health_.lua

    Performance monitoring is also available, but that script will check the hardware health as you've requested.