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IP Cameras

  • Hi,

    have a request to check the status of IP Cameras ?

    somebody already doing this ? Is this possible with KNM ?


  • Hi,

    I use KNM for verify that IP cameras are reachable, if the web server answer is correct and the bandwidth; for my environment it's sufficient.


  • Hi Andrea,


    can you give some more detials on webserver & bandwith


  • Sorry, I read only today your reply (the system don't send me an alert about this discussion).

    Excuse me, but I made a mistake: I check ping and the webpage fetch time, not bandwith.


  • Second on this, we just monitor ping response.

    Unless the IP cameras are SNMP aware, then you can work w. the mib to see what else you can poll.

  • Flavio,

    correct, the mib is the best solution, but if we want only a simple level of monitoring, the ping and the webserver answer (all cameras have a webserver inside) is the smart solution.



  • Yep.

    Really all you want to know is if the camera is online. Online = recording, but I guess the latter depends on the DVR used.

    Any case at least you know the camera live video feed should be up, however physical obstructions.... not much KNM can do about that :)

  • Yes, IMHO KNM helps about network infrastructure, it isn't the best solution about this application...