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Running to an issue with KNM and Alerts. When I set up a monitoring session I set it up to send me an email when it alarms. I've done some testing and for some reason I'm not getting the email sent. Is there something I've missed. I've checked the Docs and I don't see anywhere other than the main system setup to set email server settings. I get other Kaseya Alerts and tickets via email...just nothing from KNM.

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  • Have you added an Send mail action ?

  • Yes sir, I did indeed set up a send mail action. I've tried several different notifications. (groups etc) Still not working.

  • Check that you have a notification groups with members assigned to a group or a device


  • @RA Thanks for this information.  I have been researching and testing and I am still not able to accomplish this.  Which class and property should I been looking for?  Everything that seems to make sense doesn't return any data.  Other CIM monitors work fine.

    Sorry, meant to post this in the other thread.

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  • I have this all set up. All other notifications seem to work other than email. Email works in every other part of Kaseya.

  • What mail server (and version of it) or service do you use ?

    How is it configured (SSL or not) etc

    Can you check the mail server logs after you try to send a test mail (in the action configuration).

    >Email works in every other part of Kaseya.

    KNM have its own mail client since it has requirements on sending mixed/multipart mail which the VSA mail client cant do.

  • Exchange 2010

    I have it set up to accept anon smtp traffic from the kaseya server (no authentication)

    There is no "test mail" in the action configuration. There is a Test Monitor but nothing to do with the messages.

  • I have this issue and got a reply from support (see below).  Not getting alarm notifications is a huge issue.  So far for me, KNM has been broken at every step.  Support has been slow addressing any issues I do bring up or they are 'known issues'.  KNM has potential but from what I've been seeing, it simply was nowhere near ready for this release.


    Thank you for contacting Kaseya Support. This is a known issue and a bug report has been submitted to the engineering team's backlog. There is no ETA on when a fix would be incoming. We will notify you when we have more information.



    Kaseya Support

  • I got an identical email from support. I understand that it takes some time to work out these issues but I need some sort of timeframe. Without notifications it makes KNM not useful at all. From what I've seen I can see that KNM will be a huge hit with our management as soon as I can demonstrate it working. I believe in Kaseya but I'm having to work awful hard to keep selling it to the folks in charge of the budget in the since the 6.5 update.

  • This is something that we are working on and it will for sure be fixed as soon as possible.

  • Any update on this? I tried to setup email alerting as well and it doesn't seem to be working. Thanks!

  • No updates on my ticket #27063 since July 9th and 8.0 is still over 2 months away.

  • It's been over a month and I've not had any update.

  • I just got the following update to my ticket.


    This issue has been fixed and is planned to be included with patch 7.0.19 to be released this week. Please update to that patch to resolve this issue.



    Kaseya Support

    Sounds like there should be a fix shortly. I'll update with my findings once the new patch is available.

  • I have Version installed and E-Mail Alerts still doesn't seem to be working. Anyone with working E-Mail Alerts?