I have a question and it seems I am not able to get an answer - so I thought ask the community.

Does anybody know if KNM has a limitation on inbound connections coming from a specific ip address. Over 50 connections from client gateways.

if that is not enough information to provide and answer - here is more info

Our company runs netscaler devices for load balancing inbound traffic - the netscaler overwrites the customer connection ip address with a VIP address (xxx.xxx.xxx.20) so all traffic connecting to the KNM Service comes from the same address.Keep in mind this used to work fine for 7 months without issue.

However now I am faced with an issue - where if I telnet to port 4242 - the telnet screen goes black and the banner does not appear. This in turn causes our gateways to not connect. I have spoken with Citrix to get some answer from them regards the Netscaler devices and after some testing  ( traces etc..) they can confirm that Kaseya Network Monitor is closing this connection on port 4242. 

So in the interim to get around this issue we have removed the netscaler from the equation and everything works fine. However all connecting gateways are connecting using their own IP Addresses. So this begs the question does KNM have a concurrent connection limitation in KNM

Any advise would be greatly appreciated