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Is KNM dead?

  • No updates in months, no bug-fixes that are STILL pending (read my other posts for things that are still not fixed) and no information about the future of KNM.

    Is this product still in development or should i just give up and find something else?

    I've been a customer and user of Intellipool (INM) then Kaseya (KNM) for many years now and this is the worst I've ever seen it. We also have maintenance renewal due soon and we have no intention of paying any more $ until we get some kind of idea whats going on.

    Could some please enlighten me?

  • Apparently KNM is being re-amped and is in beta testing at the moment.  I think the plan is to add it as a standard module for the full kaseya product.  I would imagine since 6.5 roll out was a disaster initially they are focusing on bug fixes then will resume work on the KNM.  I tried to get apart of the team to do the beta and was told I was approved but never got the set up information even after multiple followup E-mails.  

  • I am participating in the Beta testing program and am pleased with the progress that has been made.

    Looking forward to having this available in the live environment.

  • Is the beta test a standalone product or integrated into Kaseya?

  • The Beta Test is Integrated into the VSA