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[KNM 5.0] Error modifing users

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Good morning,

I have a problem with my KNM 5.0 Build 9866. When I try to modify a user I receive this message : 

Database failure: *** IBPP::SQLException *** Context: Statement::Prepare( UPDATE operators SET tenant_id=?,start_page=?,page_refresh=?,access=?,module_access=?,report_style_id=?,compression_threshold=?,pg_id=?,description=?,email_address=?,sms_number=?,flags=?,op_username=?,op_password=?,info_name=?,info_phone=?,info_mobile=?,info_address1=?,info_address2=?,info_additional=?,dashboard_access=?,message_format=?,language_code=?,tools_access=?,api_key=? WHERE id=? ) Message: isc_dsql_prepare failed SQL Message : -206 Column does not belong to referenced table Engine Code : 335544569 Engine Message : Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -206 Column unknown API_KEY At line 1, column 372 

I am unable to modify anything about my users.

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  • Hi Marco,

    Were these users created in a earlier build of KNM 5.0?

    I have seen this error before, when users were created before KNM v5 Build 9476 was released.

    However, the error will not go away after upgrade - these users will need to be re-created once the latest version of KNM 5.0 is running.

    This bug fix is documented in the following release notes under KNM v5 Build 9476:


    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Nicolas,

    it does the same thing also with new users created in the new version.


  • Hi Marco,

    Please submit a support ticket to get these issues addressed and include Web UI login details for this KNM instance.

    If you have already submitted a support ticket on these issues, please let me know the ID / Ticket #.

    Kind Regards,