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Internet Explorer and KNM

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I was just wondering if anyone knows a workaround for making Network Monitor (Or even this forum) work with InternetExplorer. ?!

Until yesterday I was running on IE 9 and it didnt work, I now uppgraded to IE11 in hope that it should work better but noooo.

I know there is a workaroung making IE run in old compatability mode but I shouldt have to and I cant make all my KNM users do that.

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  • IE 11 is a big improvement upon previous versions, older version is known to be problematic, actually the "compatible view" button puts IE in a mode where it tries to follow web standards more closely rather than the microsoft centric default mode. 

    That being said, here is a pic from my test install running on IE11, can you mention any specific problems you have in IE 11 ?