I have an appliance that we sell with one of our software solutions.  This box is a whitebox with Intel components, including Intel RAID adapters (most with RS2BL040 models).  These units are running ESXi 5.1 (hosting a Linux server and Windows box).  I have been able to apply the 'detected' monitors and they work great.  But those health monitors won't tell me if a disk has fallen out of my drive array. It will tell me if the datastore is completely down, but unless VMWare is detecting a bad drive, its not reporting a problem...until I have a REAL problem (datastore issues).  

I'm fairly new to KNM, but have been around it quite a bit. I'm looking for a way to monitor the RAID controller itself from my KNM Gateway to detect RAID issues at the hardware level. If this were HP equipment, it appears the default lua scripts might be of use.  But as it stands, I can't figure out how to use the CIM option or lua.  Can someone point me in a direction? I'm not opposed to working this out for myself, but it appears that everytime i think I'm on a good path, I run into a roadblock.


Thanks for anything!