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Apache "Derby" Database Query

  • I've got a server that runs the "derby" database - I think it is from Apache.  Any ideas on how I could possibly build a monitor to query a value in this database like I could with SQL?

  • Hi mkjr,

    Derby is indeed a lightweight database that is often embedded within Java applications although standalone operation is also possible. The database uses a different connection protocol than SQL server and thus cannot be monitored using the standard mechanism. It may be necessary to create a standalone application that uses Derby library (JDBC driver) to connect to the database and then execute SQL query, which in turn can be used within a custom monitor.

    Regards - Rajib

  • Thank you for the reply Rajib.

    Unfortunately that's a bit beyond my skill level.  At least I have an answer and don't have to keep trying things that won't work!



  • There is a Derby ODBC driver for windows that can be used with the ODBC monitor, if I remember it correctly there was a company called Easysoft or something like that selling it.

  • If there are any JMX extensions for Derby, the KNM JMX monitor is also an option.