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Event log Monitor

  • Hi guys, i have a monitor of event 10010 for exchange. 

    The monitor is working but is not sending any email, alerts mented options are enabled but still does not work, I tried the Kaseya support, but the only response I have had is to build updates.

    Did not tell me if this is a bug or not, a direct response.

    Wanted your help for this monitor, just elenão sends email alert

  • Sorry, but I don't understand the question fully, I think. Can you elaborate, or provide the support ticket number so I can check the ticket?

  • Tomas, how do create a support ticket as I would like to raise one, thanks.

  • you should have an account at the customer portal, talk to your sales rep

  • excuse my delay in updating this post.

    I have a ticket open the portal from the 18th and did not have a solution, the ticket is the CS183340