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Monitor VMware on KNM 5.0

  • Hi guys,

    Someone has VMware monitoring via SNMP EXSI 5.1? I would like a template to be able to follow or some OIDs that caught importates data like CPU usage, memory usage, among other

  • There's a couple things you can do here - there's a VMware Health Monitoring LUA script that you can use, and they've added extensive performance monitoring for VMware - make sure your credentials are correct, then run an inspection of the device. You should be able to add a whole bunch of "pre-configured monitors."

  • Hi, access credentials for Kaseya vmswares occurs via https, correct? we do not have that kind of credential, leaving only SNMP.

    Our client for security does not provide.

    Have you ever seen something like that?

  • Yeah, that certainly would make it tough. You may have seen this already - Creating a local read-only user for VMware ESXi CIM monitoring - but perhaps they could set you up with an account with limited privileges you could use only for monitoring?

    Update link to creating restricted CIM user
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  • So as I understand so far, vCenter is a necessity to monitor RAID health status?  If I install the VIBs on a Dell server, is there any way to monitor the RAID health without a vcenter server (esxi standalone).

  • Its possible to monitor RAID health directly, what you need is to create a CIM read only account on your ESXi and then use the CIM Monitor in KNM to monitor the RAID health. For an introduction to what you can do with Network Monitor (and KNM)  , at the bottom in the reference section you have all you need to do this.



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  • @RA Thanks for this information.  I have been researching and testing and I am still not able to accomplish this.  Which class and property should I been looking for?  Everything that seems to make sense doesn't return any data.  Other CIM monitors work fine.

  • Hope the images above helps, note that you need a CIM account setup (link in blog post) and have the CIMOM server running on your ESXi , all this is done from the vSphere client

  • Thanks.  With the VIBs, this worked great.

  • We monitor our Dell servers overall system health via SNMP against the DRAC IP.   Just need to enable SNMP on the DRAC and then configure a SNMP monitor as follows

    OID1 =    .

    Result translation = Other=1,Unknown=2,OK=3, Noncritical=4, Critical=5,NonREcoverable=6

    Data Type = SNMP data

    Counter mode = Absolute value

    Value type = Integer

    Compare operation = Pass if equal

    Compare value = 3

    IBM servers (at least the ones we monitor for clients) can be monitored in similar fashion (against the IMM) with

    OID1 = .

    Return value must be 255 for the overall system health to be OK.