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New KNM v5 build (9866)

  • 	- New feature: Device template for CyberPower PDUs
    	- New feature: Device template for Cisco CMTS signal quality
    	- New feature: Lua script (http_post-check-results_.lua) that does a HTTP POST and searches for a string to be found when successful
    	- New feature: Lua script (wmi_check_logicaldrives_.lua) that can check if any logical disk has been added since the last test. Alarm generation should be set to 1.
    	- Bugfix: SQL Server monitor would not show compilations per second correctly
    	- Bugfix: Scheduled events now works correctly with report templates
    	- Bugfix: Possible crashbug (unicode) for webserver fixed
    	- Bugfix: Thresholds shown in information section in environment monitor instead of current sensor value
    	- Bugfix: Fixed a rendering issue in DME
    	- Bugfix: Scrolling issues in MIB browser
    	- Bugfix: The NOC widget did not properly update the status icons if the gateway is disconnected (blue)
    	- Bugfix: Corrections for the QNAP NAS device template
    	- Bugfix: The WMI, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle monitors did not display the data in the result table using the selected data type
    	- Bugfix: An issue with not being able to select an IP address, if the network adapter had multiple IP addresses for gateway server
    	- Bugfix: Recovery actions can now be removed
  • To update, go to K menu -> Tools -> Other -> System administrator console

    Type "update-server" and enter.

  • Hi Tomas

    Tried the update as described but although it appears to start - I get the message: Update started, downloading new build 9866 of KNM

    It then sits there and doesn't appear to do anything.  Also tried it on the server but same happened.

  • Its still a bit experimental and meant as a convenient way for those who work with KNM daily, the message printed signals the start of the process and nothing will follow. The function will patch KNM and all its gateways and restart itself, so what should happen is that you issue the command and then KNM will restart when done, so after a minute or so (depending on download speed) you would find the login page when you refresh.

  • I've rebooted the box and attempted the above without result.

  • Hi,

    This is the official link to the installer:


    Release notes:


  • Tomas,

    When will the integration of KNM with VSA be available?

    I had been previously told shortly after the conference, now that was some time ago.