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vmware logon / logoff messages in vcenter log

  • Previously, i've made a post about logon/logoff messages, but i couldn't find the topic anymore (is it deleted?) so i'm making a new one.

    Everytime a cim monitor for instance does a monitor check, it logs on, and logs off again.
    We now have had 3 virtual center database collapses due to this, even though we have setup the monitors to only poll every 20 minutes.

    Wouldn't it be more logical, to have KNM login to an ESX, and keep that session logged in, to query all the data when it needs it ?

    I know there's possibilities in virtual center for database purging. I don't like that, because we often need the data in that database in case of problems. If it's filled with KNM logon/logoff messages, it's of no use anymore.

    Can you shed some light on this ?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I dont think its normal that vCenter crashes because we login/off now and than, it should be able to handle a very large number of log entries without any problems.

    About session sharing, we have no plans at the moment to implement this but I will make a not of it in the feature request list I maintain.