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KNM5 - How to edit a device template (Monitors, etc.)?

  • Hi


    We had created a few device templates and use this on some devices.
    Now i would to add some Monitor to the template, but i can only edit the Basic Settings from the template (Name, description).


     "Changing a device template applies the change to all linked devices"

    How/where can i modify the template itself, the help is not very usefull?

    Anyone a  idea, thanks

    link added
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  • Sorry, i found it, i should just click on the Name ;)

  • Next Thing i found.

    Must i manually update all devices with a modified template or should this be done automaticly.

    In the case if i add a new Monitor, or Change a exisiting one?

  • You need to apply the template to the devices using it again. You will then get a question, asking if you want to leave local modifications or replace them with the defaults from the template.

  • Hi Tomas, yes i have seen this but my question is:

    if i apply a template to a device all is fine, later if i modify the template again (adding more Monitors), how come this to the devices where the templates are applied?

    After changing it, and waiting a few minutes, several browser refresh and new logons to knm the changes are not on the devices(?)



    My steps was: 

     1. Create a devices with the Monitors
     2. Creating from that the template
     3. Device from the template

    Thats all




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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure that I understand the issue, but merely modifying the template does not add the new monitors to the devices that uses the template. You will need to apply it again to the devices.

  • Hi Tomas, yes you have understand me correct Big Smile

    Is not the main benefit for a template if any Change are made, then the devices should get this without touching each device again and again?

    From the doc  http://help.kaseya.com/WebHelp/EN/KNM/5000000/#11067.htm

    ...assigned. Changing a device template applies the change to all linked devices. You can unlink a monitor from the device template...

    Is this maybe a bug?

  • It's a bug in the documentation. Thanks for bring our attention to it :)

  • Ok, thank you

    in this case the template Feature is not that what i Need for my work  Crying

    Can you make a Feature request to the devs?
    That the devices are automaticly updated if the template changes?

    This will be great feature for our company and makes my life easyer Yes

  • You can create a filter that shows all devices that are using the template... Then simply select all of the devices and click 'apply template' to re-apply them :-)

  • there is no such option, seems like i would still have to click in to each, select apply template, select the desired template and apply.