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KNM - 5 - Dashboard map editor not working

  • hi,

    After upgrading to KNM V5 from 4.1 the "dashboard map editor" is not working as it used to be.

    i have reinstalled the latest one but the background is black and not connecting to the server and throwing bunch of errors.

    any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


  • The DME v5 has gone through quite a lot of rewrite to mirror the changes in KNM v5. The "background colour" that is set in the property page sets the colour of the "canvas", i.e. the background rectangle of the map as displayed in the KNM Dashboard.

    The basic background colour in DME is black, excluding the rectangle of the canvas containing the map image. For some reason the canvas rectangle was not drawn in DME (that will be fixed in the next release of DME), but have no implication on the map background that is drawn in the KNM Dashboard - it will be drawn in the selected colour.

    The reason that the entire background of the map view in DME is black should therefore be clear: the map definition cannot be retrieved from the KNM Server. If the map definition cannot be downloaded from the KNM Server, the canvas rectangle is not drawn out, and neither is the map. So the colour that is drawn out in the entire view is the basic background colour, which is black.

    Why DME is unable to connect to KNM is another matter - the problem may lie on either side. The error messages may give some indication to the reason why.

    EDIT: The reason that the entire background is black could also be that the "canvas size" is set to be too small, e.g. Width = 0 and Height = 0. If so, only the DME background colour will be displayed.

    [edited by: Stefan Rådström at 7:13 AM (GMT -7) on Sep 18, 2013]