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KNM Template for Oracle Enterprise and Suse Enterprise Sp2

  • Hi,

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     Just want to know if KNM if capable of monitoring Oracle Enterprise and Suse Enterprise SP2? One of our client wants to monitor their Oracle Server and the OS of their Oracle Server is composed of Oracle Enterprise and Suse Enterprise SP2.

  • Yes, we do not have a system type /template for these yet, but you can build a template by first configuring a device for one machine to your liking and then save it as a template.

  • I'm a bit having hard time in configuring the CPU and Memory Utilization of these 2 server since I encountered that upon configuring CPU and Memory Utilization inside KNM, I need to specify the OS of the device that I'm monitoring. I also encountered this in some of the cisco device that sometimes CPU monitoring is up but the memory shows "cannot get response to the host". What seems to be the reason of this? Thanks!