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graph views (hour / day / week / month)

  • Maybe I'm just missing it, but how can I quickly look at a monitor to view a graph for the last week?  Or the last 2 days? Do I have to create a report?

    Every other monitoring system I've ever used has graphs right there on the page for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and are zoomable. 

  • It's not zoomable, or changable from the summary page as it is now but you can change the chart resolution by editing the monitor (Advanced tab). When the next test is performed, the new char resolution will be shown.

  • Tomas, we can't seem to get the "Chart resolution" feature to work. The scale is always the same showing 24 hrs even if we change it to 48hrs or two weeks. Any ideas? We are running Kaseya Network Monitor

    v5 Build 9866.