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Space out tests

  • Hey guys and gals,

    How can I space out and adjust my monitor tests so that I don't have 160+ monitors hitting the same device at the same time?

    I would be GREAT if when you applied a template, it would space the tests for you at 1 to 3 seconds apart.  The massive pounding of 160+ monitors hitting a switch stack I'm monitoring is causing random SNMP timeouts and the CPU on the stack to skyrocket.


  • If i add a Device Template, with all monitors which poll every 60 seconds, they all vary from 30 seconds to 2 minute 30 if i add them for the first time.

  • interesting, wonder why all mine are together

  • When starting up KNM, monitoring will start after the set interval for each monitor. This often creates queues since there's a maximum number of queries per monitor type that can be performed simultanously. That means that the tests will be spaced out automatically after a while, since next test will be dine within the set interval, based on when the last test was last performed.