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  • 3 questions:

    1. I noticed ODBC driver, is that functional yet?
    2. I'm planning on moving my KNM install to a new server, does this KB article still apply or is it simpler now? http://community.kaseya.com/kb/w/wiki/748.aspx
    3. Can KNM run on Windows 2012 yet or should I stick with 2008 r2?

  • 1) The ODBC driver was released in preparation for the next build which will contain the final server component, this will expose KNM data as tables for the purpose of integrating KNM data in your own applications. The first wave of tables will be group/device/monitor and toplists, plus some supporting tables. Stay tuned.

    2) Thats the one, I think its pretty simple :)

    3) 2012 is still in testing, right now we see no obvious problem, but we have no official support yet.

  • Are there any issues with 'sharing' the same server as our main Kaseya install? Obviously it's not integrated yet, but there shouldn't be any issues installing it on the same box (everything is on different ports, etc).

  • I would not recommend sharing it with the VSA until the integrated version is available

  • Is there any ETA on when the Fully Integrated version will be available?