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KNM v5 Build 9596

  •     - New feature: KNM can now be updated by issuing the command "update-server" in System administrator console
        - New feature: Salesforce monitor
        - New feature: JMX monitor (Java Enterprise monitoring)
        - New feature: VMware ESXi datastore utilization monitor
        - New feature: Microsoft Message Queueing device template added
        - New feature: Windows Network Policy and Access Services device template
        - New feature: Fortinet firewall device template added along the legacy Fortigate template
        - New feature: Command added to System administrator console to calculate bandwidth used per gateway (dist-traffic-stat)
        - Changed feature: SNMP counter wrap mode setting added to devices. Defines what should happen when a counter wraps
                   Normal = try to handle the counter wrapping, Ignore = ignore current test and start over with the new counter values
                   Currently only used in bandwidth monitor
        - Changed feature: Datastore utilization monitors enumerated and added in the internal VMware device template
        - Bugfix: SNMP community filter for SNMP trap monitor was not saved correctly
        - Bugfix: Multiple exclusions did not work in SNMP trap monitor
        - Bugfix: NOC widget now shows devices in alarm state at the top of the list
        - Bugfix: Min/max/avg calculation in reports charts
        - Bugfix: Devices in discovery group are no longer counted license-wise
        - Bugfix: Lua script monitor channels could in some cases be overwritten
        - Bugfix: Possible gateway crash fixed
        - Bugfix: Possible record manager crash fixed

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  • Great news Tomas.  How do I get this update? When I choose Check for new version it tells me I have the latest version - but I'm only on 9304

  • Same issue here.  On 9304 and does not indicate that a newer version is available

  • There was an issue from 9304 and up to 9476 with the version check. You can download the update from download.kaseya.com/.../knmsetup.exe

    Since you are upgrading from an earlier version, you may want to have a look at the other updates after your current build. You can see the release notes at download.kaseya.com/.../release_notes.txt

  • Thanks Tomas

  • @Tomas - Any idea when KMN 5.1 with VSA integration will be available, the last update was April 2.

    Just need to know if I need to plan to implement this or if I can put it off until the integrated version is released.

  • @HardKnoX KNMi (as the integrated is known) its in testing, if you are on the test pilot program, you can get access to it.

  • @HardKnoX - We've been asking for it for over a month, and they say they are working to get it hotfix-able before deploying it to any additional customers. Otherwise it's too much of a PITA to maintain the installed instances.

  • Where can i find the most up to date tutorial/webinar on KNM 5.0? Want to see what its all about

  • @Elliot Here you go:

  • All well and good except now my local gateway won't start...

  • GreyDuck, can you open a ticket with service desk for this?


  • Hello RA, I am a test pilot. Can you explain how to get access to it?

    Thank you

  • e-mail scott.brackett at kaseya.com