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How to configure KNM to monitor Oracle Server

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I'm michael and I'm currently new to Kaseya Network Monitor and I'm trying to configure to Monitor Oracle Server Database. Upon the configuration, I get an error. Please see the screenshot below.

[edited by: Michael Angelo Santos at 5:18 PM (GMT -7) on Jun 2, 2013] Attached is the screenshot
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  • Please make sure your read the prerequisites part in the documentation.


  • Hi RA,

    I think I didn't accomplish the prerequisite. Thanks for the help. The client will depend on the version of oracle being monitored, right?

  • Hi RA,

    I try to access the client that needs to be install on the KNM Server. But it shows different client installer. What should I download? Does it will depend on the Oracle that is being used on the sever? I tried to download one but when I open it, I cannot find any installer for it?? Do you have a basic step by step for this? thanks!