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Dependency monitors within object

  • In KNM version 4.1 you could create a dependency monitor within a template.
    In case of an alert you only receive an message for this monitor and not from the depended monitors.

    Is this still possible in KNM version 5.0?


  • Yes, there is a setting to set a dependency monitor on group or device level, that monitor will be the dependency monitor for all monitors within the group/device.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    If we would like to make every device depended of his own 'ping' , we have to configure this for each device manually.

    That's not the ideal way.

    Is it possible to configure monitors with a script or something like that?

  • I liked how in 4.1 you could set a "root monitor" for an object to the ping.  Is it possible to put that feature back in?  With 5.0 I get floods of e-mail for every single monitor when an object goes down.

  • The same function is there in v5, called dependency setting in the property page of both group and device. There is a slight change in the algorithm in v5 to make this feature less expensive in terms of cpu cycles, so make sure the dependency monitor tests faster with lower alarm count.

    @will no way to script this yet, but stay tuned.