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Problem with Printer Monitor in Version 5

  • After upgrading from v4.1 to v5, my printer monitor LUA script from Tomas Anderson no longer works.

    I see in the docs that it is built for 4.1 and there is no update to this script.

    We've come to rely on this information for replenishment and can no longer gather data.

    The error I am getting is:  Syntax error in LUA script SNMP_Printer_Levels.lua, [string ""]:352: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'iFChar' (a nil value).

    Please help!



  • What build of v5 are you using now? I'll see if I can do a quick fix to it.

  • It is verson 5.0 build 9351.  Thanks!

  • Hi,

    I have fixed the issue, and the scripts will be updated with the next build of KNM. However, you can download them already now from my dropbox:



  • Thank you Tomas!  I replaced the script but am now getting the following message:

    Syntax error in LUA script SNMP_Printer_Levels.lua, [string ""]:1: '<name>' expected near '"Saved by Windows Internet Explorer 9"'.

  • Something must have been added when you downloaded them. Try dl.dropboxusercontent.com/.../printer_scripts_.zip instead :)

  • That did it!  Thank you very much for your quick response.