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Compiling MIB's for V5

  • When KNM was INM i used to use the mib compiler to add mibs files to a base inmmib.dat file, re-compile it and save it as the original .dat name. Restarting the INM service would "load" the new dat file and i could see the new entries in the walk snmp feature

    I'm assuming KNM 5 uses the default_mib.dat file (under \knm\mibs\ in the same way? - whats the deal with the new compiler? I'm using Mib compiler (Build 7054) and there are only 2 buttons - Compile and Browse whereas the INM version had extra buttons for Load and Merge plus a tickbox for "use base mib when compiling"

    Are there any instructions on how to use the new compiler and where everything should go to be loaded and visible in walk snmp. I'm just trying to add a couple of vendors mibs to KNM 5.


  • If its just private enterprise mibs, you should just be able to click compile, select the files and then save the result into the \mibs folder. However you have to restart KNM for them to be loaded.

  • what file name do i save them to - there can only be one default_mib.dat  - will KNM5 read multiple .dat files that are stored in that directory?

  • It will read everything named .dat thats a valid mib file in that directory.

  • Thats great - thanks.