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All network monitors are missing after upgrading to latest build 9304

  • Did the update last week to latest v5 build 9304 and I can see of my devices but all of the monitors that have been setup under each device are missing.  I opened a ticket and have been told it was being escalated to engineering.  Has anyone experienced this issue or is there a way to do a database restore?  I do see in my knm\backup directory several BAK files for both server and settings.

  • Hi Tim,

    I'm not sure that the information got through last night, but I hope everything is working OK for you now? What I don't know if it got through correctly was if you could email me the saved database files that did not have all monitors? I saved them as server_.nxd and settings_.rds. If you could send them together with log.rds that you find under the logs folder, I would appreciate that. I think you have my email address already, but it's just firstname.lastname@kaseya.com otherwise.