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KNM5 - How to disable options on multiple monitors at once?

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Hi guys 

Using: KNM v5 Build 9304, web-interface

  • Single top-node with multiple subgroups.
  • Single gateway pr group with multiple servers and multiple monitors

Having only set up the default catch-all action (Send email on alarm) on the top-node, Im now being bombarded with mail-messages from several hundreds of servers about every error and event.

I like the inheritance-system for setting up  actions and alerts on an entire hierarchy, but now I face the following problem: How to DISABLE actions on a given type of monitor on given servers.

I can select, edit and ENABLE inheritance of actions, on multiple monitors at once, but how can I DISABLE them without having to edit each - bloody - individual - monitor?

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  • Right now you cant, but I'll fix it until next version.

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  • Right now you cant, but I'll fix it until next version.

  • I have got a workaround solution for you on this, what you can do is create a blank device on one of your gateways, and on this blank device setup all the monitors ( this will be a type of base template) you want to use on your devices. ( use a new blank device for each monitor set type, similar to templates) once you have set the monitors make all the relevant changes. IE remove other errors, network errors set messages actions ect. the once done, select all the monitors in this device and use the copy function at the top menu bar. and copy the whole device over to the device you want to setup. ( make sure to clear any monitors that may be duplicated on the target device.) this will copy the monitors and retain the settings you enabled, something that templates does not do.

    using this method you can rapidly roll out monitors and replace monitors as you can copy to multiple devices in one go. for changes you can go to the devices and remove/deactivate the old monitor and in one copy roll out the new monitor to all devices from you base template device.

    It might seem like a strange method but i works well, unlike the templates.

    hope this helps