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Issue with KNM 5 prompting for license key

  • I am having issues with KNM 5 telling me that my license key has expired.  This happened on the previous build and now it has happened on build 9304.  When I try to login I receive the following:

    "The license has expired, please enter a new license key to activate."

    I just restarted the service and still have the same issue.

  • For how long have you been trying KNM? The default trial period is 30 days. During "Controlled Release" (before we released the full product), we had extended that time to 120 days. From build 9145 (before the actual release), we removed the extended trial.

    Do you have a valid v5 license key? If you have upgraded from 4.1, you need to contact your sales representative to have the old 4.1 key replaced with a valid v5 key. We changed the licensing function for v5 so that's why the old key won't work.

  • OK, I have this resolved.  Had to enter reenter my license key after installing the build 9304.  However, I now have a major issue.  All of my monitors are now missing.  The actual devices and groups are there but no monitors.  I opened a ticket with support CS156975 but have not heard anything on it.

  • @tfarmer3,

    I just reviewed your ticket. It has almost no information for us to help you. With all due respect, a ticket containing just one line saying "No device monitors are displaying today" and "call me" is really not sufficient for us to assist. I have escalated the ticket to the KNM specialists, but it's parked until you can provide details for us to troubleshoot. If you're using the standalone version of KNM, we will at a minimum need remote access details.

    As an IT professional, I am sure you will appreciate that if an issue is described thoroughly and supported with logs, steps to reproduce, Machine ID's and groups, browser version, screenshots etc, it makes it a lot easier and faster to troubleshoot and find a resolution. This will in turn result in faster responses and reduce the multiple communications and subsequent delays.

    I will monitor the ticket myself, as well as this post.



  • ticket has been update with specific details.

  • Thanks Tim, I just replied.

  • Hi Tim

    As per the ticket, restoring DB from the backup resolved the issue. Thanks for confirming it; I have now closed the ticket


  • I have similar problem. I have new KNM v5 build 9304 installation and I have activated the license key once already. Now when I log in I get notification of expired license and it won't accept my license key anymore. I have left ticket trough Upstream.

  • i had to reenter my main license number again a couple of times before it would take.

  • Yesterday I tried 10-20 times and it didn't work. Today KNM didn't ask for key anymore and seems to be working normally.