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Silent Install of Gateway

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I've tried to silent install a Gateway with the KB article so I wrote a setupvars.ini file like that :

%AppFolder% = c:\KNM
%AppShortcutFolderName% = Kaseya\KNM
%ServiceName%=Kaseya Network Monitor
It's seems that the KNM doesn't install as a Gateway, because, the Gateway doesn't start up in KNM Server, then I wrote in the conf file the line DISTTEST_MODE=gateway and the gateway start up in the KNM Server
How may I resolve it ?
Thanks you...
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  • My idea is to make two script in Kaseya to quick deploy a new gateway :

    Installation of the gateway :

    write Knmsetup.exe and setupvars.ini

    execute the KNM setup

    Configuration of the Gateway :

    Stop Service

    Tranfert file from Kserver Agent (\KNM\gateway\#gatewayname#\gatewaydata.nxd and public\key to machine c:\KNM\

    Restart KNM service

    Pretty simple no ?

  • Hi,

    My suggestion at the moment is to wait for KNM v5, where gateway deploy via the agent is fully supported and already builtin.


  • Hi Thomas,

    Have you a email, i've something explain you in private...


  • I give you my :

    etienne dot deneuve at viacesi dot fr

    I hope you will understand ....

  • Ok

    This is Working, I just need to find what are the good ACL on the two file to change it.

    Then I'll publish the procedure on the french community...

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