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How can I monitor Internet Speed

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We currently monitor firewalls utilizing KNM and do get the in/outbound traffic report and threshold are defined to create alarm etc. My issue is that when the bandwidth from the ISP is lower than expected.

Is there anyway to monitor that?




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  • Maybe you can try to fetch a webpage and compare their result with KNM ?

    I'm not sure to understand what your are expecting ...

    Can you detail ?

  • Here is an exmple,

    I have a firewall with Internet connection. The connection speed provided by the ISP is 15/2 Mbs Upload/Download

    My biggest concern is when the ISP's service has a problem and I'm not receiving the full speed promised as we have had numerous occasions when the ISP's service for varous reasons was not providing the connection speed our clients were paying for.

  • If you can install an echo service somewhere on the opposite side, the transfer speed monitor can be used:


  • This sounds like what we're looking for. However I have searched on line and was not able to download Microsoft's TCP/IP Services package or chargen.exe!

    Any suggestion where I can download it?