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Memory Utilization reporting incorrect?

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Good afternoon,

I've setup some alerts for Memory Utilization on an older 2003 Windows server. It currently has 512MB RAM installed on this virtual machine. However, when I receive my alerts it reports a different figure.

Below is my report from KNM:
Status: Alarm

Message: Memory utilization is 90.3 %. Threshold is set to 90.0 %.
Process memory usage list (in megabytes)
_Total 201.16 MB

As you can see, the memory says over 90% is being utilized, however only a total of 201MB appear to be listed in the email.

Am I missing something? Your input is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay. Could you try setting up a monitor side by side that shows in MB instead of percent? That way we could see if the reported amount of free memory and compare that with what you see. KNM is using WMI (if checked for the object) or Winperf.