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No OID information in MIB Browser

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Hi All,

I am trying to get some knowledge about KNM. We are using version 4.1 Build 8338, the Distributed Edition. We are working with gateway's.

When i use the MIB Browser and select a OID package, it takes some while, but after a minute i am not able to select anything at the right of the screen. Where i have to select a OID in the OID Information the drop-down menu is completely empty.

I know for sure the i have the correct address, gateway and cummunity information.

Does anyone know the solution for it?

Thanks in advance.





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  • Hi Martin,

    Does your server/gateway have the Windows SNMP Service installed? KNM relies on that service for SNMP queries. See the installation checklist at help.kaseya.com/.../4010000. If the service installed and running and it still doesn't work, contact support to create a new ticket.


  • Thanks for response. SNMP Service is installed and enabled on the KNM Server and on the Gateway server.

    I will create a support ticket.

    thanks for help.

  • The first thing I always do in cases like these, is query the OID's with a SNMP tool on the gateway itself. You should get some results. If no results are presented, KNM is not at fault, and there is some other issue.

    (network, comunity, etc)

  • Thanks for the anwser. If i use a MIB Browser at the gateway to browse a device. I can see the OIDs. this is working.

  • Hmm, strange.

    Assuming port 161 is open, and your using the correct community,  the only thing remaining is an error somewhere in your .dat file.

    Did you browse the .dat file in the compiler to see if the OID's for your hardware are present?

    Did you restart KNM after compiling the .dat file? (the new .dat file is only read after KNM was restarted)


    I have a gigantic .dat file with allot of hardware OID's, but this slows a network scan.

    Keep this in mind when compiling .dat files.