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I am not sure whether i am reapting the question/doubt again. Is it possible to export Bandwidth Utilization report, etc... in KNM. I am aware current version is not supported, is this added in the road map and If yes then when it is available in KNM.



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  • Hi,

    Exporting statistics is fully supported in KNM 4.1. Have a look at help.kaseya.com/.../4010000 to see how. You can either export to CSV or an ODBC data source. With that data, you can then use any reporting tool to create other types of reports than what KNM currently supports if needed.


  • Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for sharing the details, If customer want to Export the Bandwidth Report is there way to do in GUI not via SQL cmd.


    Vinoth Kumar

  • Not sure what you mean now. The help file explains how to set a scheduled event that would export the statistics you choose. Either a one-time occurance or you can shedule the export down to every hour.