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Cannot start VMware Web Service session, but API is available from gateway machine.

  • I've added a new VMWare ESXi 5.0 machine to KNM 4.1 with some VMWare Performance monitors but they fail with the message: "Cannot start VMware Web Service session". From the machine where the gateway is running i can succesfully retrieve the page: https://hostname/sdk/vimService.wsdl.

    I've checked the configuration with another VMware ESXi 5.0 machine, but i can't see any difference between them. What could be wrong?

  • Is the address of the object a host name or IP address, if its a host name , please try with the IP of the machine.

  • I've changed the hostname to the IP-address of the machine, but that does not fix the problem.

  • And the logon account configured in the object property page have a user that can loggon to the ESXi ?

  • Yes. The logon account is also used by several Lua script monitors for getting data from the ESXi machine via SSH.

  • What build of v4.1 are you running ?

  • 7394. The other ESXi machines can use the performance counters without any problems.

  • Something has to be different between the machines, user rights or firewalling  ?

  • On a couple of our ESXi 5.0 servers i get a warning about the ssl certificate when i try to access the /sdk/vimService.wsdl site. That are also the machines that give the "Cannot start VMware Web Service session" error in KNM.

  • Update to Build 7809 and it will solve this issue and the compatible data type issue.



  • Hey Robert,

    Is that the VSA-integrated KNM updater? We're a couple builds behind and I want to upgrade... assume that it will require a schema reapply?


  • No, this is the KNM setup, but you should be fine with that if you have installed KNM 4.1 integrated.

    Shutdown KNM and install over with knmsetup.exe , start KNM when install is done.

  • @ RA

    Yesterday we tried to update our integrated KNM install, but i tries to install in de c:\KNM directory. We have aborted the installation, because we think we need the installer for the integrated version.

  • You probably had the stand alone installed first ?

    Do you have the following registry key and where in that case do it point ?


  • It did point to c:\KNM. We manually edited the installer_path, but after the installation the KNM service crashes after starting it. Oops!