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KNM 5.0?

  • Any news on the 5.0 release of KNM?  We're really looking forward to have dependencies in our monitoring platform and all of the other new features and enhancements.

  • We are also hanging for KNM 5.0 in order to implement it for all our customers, any updates on progress would be very welcome!

  • Anyone?

  • Nope ...

  • Disappointing.... anybody at Kaseya monitoring these forums?

  • It was stated at Kaseya Connect 2012 that a KNM 5 controlled release would be following the release of Kaseya 6.3 by approximately 4-6 weeks... I'm sure they are working as hard as they can on those products to get them ready for GA.

    KNM 4.1 already has some support for dependencies... ? Everything's supposed to be able to be upgraded from 4.1 to 5 (monitors, etc.)

  • We are tracking for a small number of controlled release participants in July.  If interested please contact me scott.brackett@kaseya.com

  • I see that the manual says that there is supposed to be a “Create Dependency” check box… but I can’t find one anywhere in the actual web interface... I've checked devices with more than 2 monitors (including ping) and I see no option.... is there possibly a master setting somewhere to turn it on?

  • The create dependency checkbox is an option when you add objects found by network discovery, if you want to create a dependency after that point or when you add manually, open the object property page and select the dependency monitor from the combo box list.

  • Are you referring to the Root Monitor drop down box under Advanced Properties?  If so, I just found it and it looks like it should work (it draws little dashed lines to the other "monitors").... like a sub-tree.

  • Thats the one, it will inhibit testing on all other monitors when in alarm state. Also, each monitor can be configured to only trigger on certain types of alarms as well, check the monitor property page under filtering. These settings can be edited on several monitors at the same time by selecting them in the monitor list and click "edit" , this also works for objects.

  • I've been advised by our RM that the current target is September for broader release

  • Does anyone know if KNM 5.0 will have the option to monitor for a service that is stopped for more than X minutes?  We're havign troubel with the legalcy Kaseya Monitoring Sets geneatign alaerts for services not running immediately after a reboot.  I'd love it if there was a way to hold off on generatign the alert until it has been confirmed the services is not running for at least X minutes.

    That's not an option in the legacy Kaseya Monitoring. Wondering if the new KNM 5.0 will have the option?


  • You could use this lua script for that: community.kaseya.com/.../74244.aspx

  • KNM have this built in (since version 1.0) into the way it handles alarms.

    Each monitor in KNM has a testing period defined, this can be 60 seconds. It also have a alarm generation count, which is the number of _consecutive_ failed test the monitor should perform before KNM switches from ok to alarm state on the monitor (inbetween that its in failed state), this means that you have a built in filter function, that not only protects you from false alarms, but also can perform the function you seek.

    So if you configure a service monitor to check for a service running every minute and have the alarm generation set to 5 , it means it will take 5 tests and 5 minutes for it to execute the action list (which is like a small program with built-in escalation etc).

    Read more here:


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