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KNM - Not able to see graphs

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speed1 prints as 4085 and speed2 prints at 366.5

My problem is I tired to create graphs for these it says "Unspecifed LUA Data" then a few minutes later the graphs go away and I cannot see them any more but the script is being executed and stats are being returned as I can see the message in the exit status.


Is there a doco around for creating custom graphs with KNM I think I may just be missing a part here! I am new to both KNM and LUA though

I went to add statistics and it gave me a list of "Unspecified LUA Data" I am sure there is something simple I am missing here?

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  • Hi,

    In the documentation for Lua IDE, it will tell you that the maximum length for "Unit" is 16 characters. That is most likely your issue. The call to StoreStasticalData simply fails if the length is 17, as it is for "Controller 1 KBPS". Change to "Contr. 1 Kbps" and "Contr. 2 Kbps" and you will see that it works. The function returns true or false also, so you can check that to see that the results were recorded.

    Tomas Andersson

    Quality Assurance Engineer