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Customize Sender email address in KNM email alert

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hi guys,

Please let me know if there is a possibility to change the sender email address from "Kaseya network monitor" to a customized one.






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  • I think with KNM 4.1 Integrated into the VSA and Using Service Desk .. you can get Service Desk to forward your emails using a different Sender address

  • thanks for the reply ,but my idea is to use KNM as a separate platform.

    is there any workarounds for this.



  • The from name of the e-mail cannot be customized , but the return address can be set under settings->program settings-> email & SMS

  • thanks for the prompt response..:)

    seems like there is no solution for this other than integration.

    i have been struggling for months to fix it but no luck.

    any ways thanks heaps for the replies guys, much appreciate it.


  • Rather than have KNM send the email directly .. have  KNM execute an external application instead.

    I've used a command line emailer in the past called "postie"

    Simple little app that you can pass a "to address" , "from address" , "subject" , "body"  etc etc to it as parameters.

    So get KNM to pass the alarm details as parameters to "postie" and include the custom sender address.


  • thats good news ! thanks for that Paul...

    is there any document or guide to configure this?

    thanks a lot.


  • postie example.txt

    Not really ... You can also send email via VBscripts.

    It's just an idea but in KNM you can define various Actions which include:

    1.Execute Windows command Executes a command on the KNM host machine.

    2.Execute LUA script Executes a LUA script

    So either of these could be used to call an app like postie or a vbscript and send the email.

    I'll have a play around this weekend and see if I can create a simple working example

  • Hey Paul,

    Thanks heaps for the Update.. i will try from my end , i think Executing a Windows command might work out.

    please post if you find anything interesting.

    thanks once again!!