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KES and Anti-Malware detailed reporting?

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I am looking for a way to report to produce the machine name, definition date, and last scan date for each workstation. Is there a way to do this through the current reporting and I am missing it, or do I need to access the database directly?

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  • Unfortunately, the reports for Security are still pretty screwed up. I can run a report that shows the signature version and install date, but no information on last scans. All of the Security reports are formatted terribly...this report for 27 machines is 196 pages. I put in a ticket for this and the only answer was that they are supposed to be better in the next KES update (I suppose for AVG 2012). A historical threats report for 30 days on 48 machines was 686 pages. I don't think anyone even looks at this stuff before it becomes the finished product.

    Security -> Configuration

    Install Time, Version, License Expiration