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KNM 4.1 and VSA integration

  • HI,

    is the integrated Version for KNM 4.1 available or still in development?





    There is an installer for the basic integration of KNM 4.1 and VSA (you must have SD installed). 

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  • @ Max

    ok, thanks a lot!

  • So for those of us not using Service Desk need to stick with the standalone version for now?

  • Hey Neal,

    You can contact your Account Manager for an updated license key - and install Service Desk Module for your VSA - and then not use the Service Desk. But it does need to be there to install the integrated KNM 4.1 module.

    We don't use the Service Desk, but will be installing it (and not using it) for the integrated features of KNM, and with the hope that additional integration will take place in the future that we'll be set up for by running it on the same box. Does that make sense?

  • Awesome! Thanks for that information Kerry.

  • We don't have SD installed but will obviously have to do so to facilitate KNM and my question is although we're not going to use it will having SD installed impair performance on our VSA?  Logic tells me not but would like some feedback from those that have been there already.

  • I asked Kaseya a similar question re performance as the Spec they list for the VSA/SQL config hasn't really changed since V6.0 came out ..now with V6.2 and all the new modules ( KNM , SD , PSA , KAV , KAM , Mobile, Imaging , Policy , Online Backup etc etc ) surely the minimum spec must have increased if you have all these modules installed

  • On that subject Paul, I was at the UK Partner event two weeks back and during the tech session the support guys brought up some interesting points in that although it's possible to give a basic minimum spec there's no simple answer to this question.  When you factor in the amount of agents you'll have checking in, the different modules installed and in use, the amount of information you collect from customer machines you've got a minefield as far as what is the minimum spec that is needed.

    That said I do think that using data from their 8000 customers they should be able to come up with a basic - "here's what we know works for customers using this many agents and these modules" - sort of datasheet.  They certainly need to update the specification document for some of the different configurations available.

  • Agreed .... and on the question re  " ...for those of us not using Service Desk ....... " .. what Service Desk do you each use if not Kaseya SD ?

    The reason I ask is we have developed a tool that essentially allows us to integrate to any 3rd Party Service Desk , with Alarm de-dupping and round trip closure.

    We did this a few years ago and continue to use it today , albeit we are considering integrating it into SD, but as it stands currently it is completely independent

  • It looks like the integration still has a LOOONG way to go to me personally.

  • Hello!

    I have another interresting problem, KNM integrated doens't work via our portal but I have to use it directly from the server. Normally we log on a external web portal from which we work, that doesn't work.

    I have created a call but maybe someone in here can help me?

    Regard Christian

  • We had the same issue...you have to enable SSL in KNM (there's a download for this from Kaseya) and also have to open up TCP/8080 to the server to get at it remotely.

  • hi,

    please provide a link for KNM 4.1..


    how can we upgrade KNM 4.0 via directly

  • Hi Paul.. sorry to reply to such an old thread.. but I haven't found anyone else who has been able to develop a tool to integrate two-way KSD ticketing to a 3rd party SD. We use ConnectWise and I'm desperately looking for an integration solution. We've got a CW integrator for the Kaseya Ticketing module...nothing for KSD as of yet. We installed KSD becuase the Kaseya Ticketing module doesn't allow for automated ticket status changes.. at least not that I can see. The only option I can see is coding API translation between our old integrator and KSD. Anyways.. please let me know if your tool would work with CW. Thanks