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Standalone KNM support and updates vs. KNM/VSA integration and Service Desk module requirement?

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Two questions:


  1. Will Service Desk be required for the KNM/VSA integration?
  2. Will the Standalone KNM continue to be supported and receive updates?

I ask because we have no desire to use Service Desk but do want to continue with using KNM.  Integration would be great, even if only for viewing KNM within Kaseya, as centralization of our monitoring and management tools can be beneficial.  Otherwise, the Standalone version could work for our purposes as well, but we want to ensure we will continue to receive support and updates.


Thank you!



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  • 1. Its not required to use the service desk

    2. Its the same program, run in different configuration modes, so update and support will continue to be provided for standalone just as usual.

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  • 1. Its not required to use the service desk

    2. Its the same program, run in different configuration modes, so update and support will continue to be provided for standalone just as usual.

  • Thank you for the answers.  

    Can you confirm there will be an upgrade path from 4.0 Standalone to 4.1 KNM/VSA integrated?  We may go ahead and get a standalone server set up now so we can use it since 4.1 may be a while.

    Thanks again!

  • KNM 4.1 was officially released today.  The download site should be updated in the next day or two.


  • CURRENTLY Every Kaseya Demonstartion has showTHANn KNM v4.1 Integration to work with KNM v4.1 installed on the VSA Server and using the Special KNM

    Service Desk for Alerts.

    Is their an Integration Best Practices Document that shows how to send KNM Alerts to the VSA Ticketing Module


  • I am currently confused on this comment to this question    "Will Service Desk be required for the KNM/VSA integration?"

    We just received from Kaseya support desk today as we tried to install 4.1 onto our system and were having issues the following.


    Thank you for contacting Kaseya support.

    The error you were getting is because you dont have Kaseya Service Desk module registered. Service Desk is required for KNM 4.1 integrated version!

    KNM 4.1 standalone doesn't require KSD and that is why you noticed the standalone installation went through.  

    Please let us know if you are interested in Kaseya Service Desk.



    Kaseya support


    Number one not interested in KSD for various reasons, mainly we developing our own ticketing that will suit us. Please clarify question Number 1.

  • To clarify #1

    To run the addon installer (KNMInstall.exe) the service desk must be installed. There is however no requirement to use it once installed, KNM can operate without it.

  • Scott Brackett confirmed that you have to have Service Desk 1.3 today during the webinar.

    That is too bad as we have no desire to ever use Service Desk and I have a feeling there are many other MSP's out there who also do not plan on using it.  We use Connectwise like many MSP's and really hope Kaseya and Connectwise work on integration like LabTech has.

  • Jeffro, we also use ConnectWise for our PSA.  We've also transitioned from ticketing in Kaseya to Service Desk utilizing the same functionality we had with ticketing before.  Works great.  Finally, we're part of the PSA integration trial which is targeted at integrating Kaseya with ConnectWise nicely.  It's looking very promising.

  • @Jeffro, you can run KNM as a standalone product.  If you want it integrated then it's done through a customized desk in Service Desk.  Just like every other module in Kaseya, all the alerts generated in KNM will create tickets.  As far as the CW integration that is also done through the Service Desk.  If you use CW then you will never have to use SD.  KNM will generate a ticket and send it to Service Desk.  The PSA connector will pick up the ticket in Service Desk and send it to CW.  The PSA sync will track and manage all the tickets.

  • Yeah, we have been trying to decide if we want to run it standalone.  I was not aware there was already some CW integration with Service Desk, so that is good news.

    Is the sync two way? (close a ticket in CW and it closes in Kaseya)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • @Jeffro - Just to be clear, the PSA Connector is currently in development and not officially released yet.  Once we're closer to release we'll publish all the features, including exactly how the syncing works.


    - Max

  • OK, thank you for the information Max.

    Is there a place I can watch for this, or any notification you will be sending out when it is complete?  We use integration to pull in machines currently and would love to sync tickets from both Kaseya and KNM.  This would make Kaseya much more useful.

  • As with all new products, I'm sure there will be a bunch of notifications starting right before it's released and since this specifically has to do with CW integration, I'm sure it will be a hot topic with our partners.  As long as you're continuing to participate on the forums, I'm sure you'll see it.

  • I have to say Max what is mad about this is that the PSA integration module was showcased at the last Kaseya connect conference and it is still not released....thats a year ago now how does a product get showcased and then bury its head for a year.