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Trouble Getting Gateway to Connect

  • I have installed my KNMServer in distributed mode and configured a Gateway device using the appropriate steps listed here:


    To install the gateway, follow these instructions:


    1.Go to the Distributed testing page in the KNM server web interface.

    2.Click "Create new gateway"

    3.Give the gateway a name and set the IP number and port as described in my post above.

    4.Save the gateway.

    5.In the gateway list, click the gateway name.

    6.Your now on the gateway information page, Click "Download configuration" , save the zip file in a place you will find later.

    7.Connect via Windows terminal service to the gateway host machine

    8.Install the KNM gateway using the installer you used to install KNM server, but choose gateway when asked about edition.

    9.Stop the gateway service on the host machine using the Windows service control manager, or type net stop "Kaseya Network Monitor" on an admin. command prompt, whatever works.

    10.Copy the files from the configuration zip file, into the directory of the KNM gateway,

    11.Start the Gateway service again from either the Windows service control manager or an admin prompt by typing Net start "Kaseya Network Monitor"

    12.Done, your gateway will now connect to your server if you executed each step correct.


    The gateway device I am configuring for this test is actually not outside of a firewall it is connected across a secure VPN that has full open access on all ports.  I imported the config after stopping the service.  When I restarted the service I cannot get the gateway to connect.  I see no logs to review in order to attempt to locate the source of the problem.

    Can you give some guidance as to where I need to look for this?



  • A check list before opening a ticket:

    Check Settings -> Distributed testing -> Server info. page , click properties and check the server bind IP, that should in your case since your not behind a NAT firewall , be the same as the IP you set in the gateway config, the port as well.

    1. Stop the gateway service.

    2. open a comman prompt (as the same user or admin. as the gateway service is configured to use)

    3. navigate to the gateway directory

    4. start the gateway in debug mode with nmservice.exe -d

    5. Check the screen for error messages.

    The \logs directory may also contain text logs with error messages.

  • RA,

    Thanks very much for the assist.  I was able to determine what the issue was.  I have now gotten the gateway to connect and have gotten the agents on one domain to connect and begin monitoring, however the agents on another domain are not monitoring  I have 2 domains located at 1 location.  Will I Need a Gateway on each domain?

    I have specified different credentials for each domain in the agent settings but even with that done I get a mesage indicating "Network path not found when looking at a CPU Utilization monitor.


    Time: 2012/02/21 15:59:59
    Object: CTX18 (CTX18)
    Monitor: CPU utilization (#0)
    Status: Alarm
    Message: The network path was not found.


    Any help with this?

  • You should not need a second gateway since they are on the same location/lan.

    The error message "The network path was not found." is probably indicating that you have a name resolution issue, ie. the gateway cant resolve the host name CTX18.

    Your object is probably using VMI (The "Use WMI" flag checked in the object property page), so follow this troubleshooting guide, at the bottom you will find a link to the orginal document with more information.

    Verifying that WMI works

    The wbemtest.exe utility can be used to verify that its possible to make a WMI call to the monitored machine from the KNM host machine (or gateway). To start the utility, logon to the KNM host machine desktop and open the start menu, in the "Run" field, type the following and press enter:


    When the utility have started. Click the "Connect" button.

    Enter the following address and replace “my_ip” with the IP number of the monitored machine:


    Enter the username and password that you use in KNM. In the Authority field, enter the domainname of the user. Click "Connect" and then "Enum classes"

    In the dialog "Superclass info" , click the recursive radio button and click ok.

    The utility now populates Query result window with information from the monitored machine, if this do not happen, consult the following troubleshooting information on Microsoft support web site.