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SNMP Monitor - Text vs Integer

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  • Tim,

    Are you refering to the compare operation ?


    I am trying to add the values highlighted above. I selected each OID and configured it like this:

    If I specify the value as an integer or decimal, the result is always 0. If I specify the value as text, the result is the value of the first OID, in this example, 140.

    I use the same formula for another set of OIDs in the same SNMP branch and they work fine. The only difference I can see is that the individual OID values never exceed 23 on the other branch.

  • Really thought I could post pictures here. Looked good until I actually clicked submit. Here's the data:

    Data: 0. 99

    1. 140

    2. 126

    0. 0

    1. 0

    2. 0

    0. 41

    1. 50

    2. 58

    0. 0

    1. 0

    2. 0

    Here's the calculation:

    OID1 + OID2 + OID3 + OID4

    Looks a lot better in the picture.

    I am using Firefox since the Kaseya software doesn't seem to like IE9 very much.

  • I am adding values from all the OID's ending in 1. In this case it would be 140,0,50,0.