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  • Hi, I'm testing KNM to use it on our production server.

    I have Kaseya Network Monitor 4.0 (Build 6541) on Windows XP Distributed and another on XP with gateway function.

    KNM connection works, in fact I'm able to receive something like network bandwitch, SNMP from printers etc..

    I have a problem with SNMP traps:

    I'm trying with a QNAP as source, that is configured to send trap at KNM gateway IP on port 162.

    On KNM gateway I've installed SNMP Trap and SNMP service, I've actived them on public and semms to be OK.

    But in KNM I can't see any SNMP traps.. Where I'm wrong? Something that  I can try to debug?


  • gateway_config.png

    Have you configured the gateway side SNMP paramters as well. (see attached screenshot)  ?

  • Yes, it's set correctly..

  • What does this sentence mean ? (Does the monitor not fire ?)

    "But in KNM I can't see any SNMP traps.. "

    How have you configured the monitor and object ? (please include a screenshot of the property pages if possible)

  • The monitor and object are configured and assigned to the correct gateway

    But a part of the monitor, I have to see all SNMP in Tools\SNMP\SNMP traps, isn't it?

  • Please post a image of the object property page as well.

  • This is object configuration:

  • On the gateway:

    1) make sure that the Microsoft SNMP trap service is disabled and turned off (unless you are using it for a different application, in that case you have to make it use a different port)

    2) open the gateway properties and disable the trap service. click save

    3) open the gateway properties again and enable the trap service. click save.

    4) after making sure that traps have been sent, check the Tools -> SNMP traps list. select the gateway from the listbox and click the Update button.

    Are there any traps listed now?

  • Yes, it's configured in that way

    The problem is that Gateway is configured as server distributed and server receives traps but gateway not..

  • The problem is that Gateway is configured as server distributed and server receives traps but gateway not..

    I dont quite follow, but it sounds like your sending the traps to the server, instead of the gateway (?)

  • No, I've tried to send traps to server (configured in the same way) only to know if traps works correctly on QNAP and KNM, and in fact works..

    The problem is the gateway that couldn't receive traps

  • I've made some test with wireshark and snmp arrives at the gateway, is like KNM Gateway doesn't intercept them, because the connection between Gateway and server is ok (I've tested with other monitor)

  • Hi,

    Please open a support ticket so we can look into this further.