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ESX monitoring in Intellipool

  • I have a valid INM license. How do I go about converting it for use with KNM?

  • Contact sales to get an portal account. Instructions to convert the actual installations above still stands.

  • I would just like to say that I am VERY excited to be able to monitor ESX servers with KNM v4.1.  Its something we have been missing, and its great that we'll have that functionality real soon !


  • Monitoring of ESX has always been possible using the SNMP monitors and the VMWare MIB.

    Its the ESXi thats causing problem.

    ESXi hardware monitoring is today possible using Lua and the WBEM protocol, we ship the KNM default installer with 3 scripts for monitoring PSU, Fans and drive arrays. The only requirement in that you have installed the OEM version of ESXi (from HP for example).