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One thing to get KNM 99% there: Input/Output graphs

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I must be missing something terribly obvious, but I can't see any way to do it via the help documents or trolling through the interface:

If my WAN interface text data output indicates both the input and output numbers, why can't I get anything but the aggregate number in the graph? I want to know at a glance if someone's hammering me with an upload or a download, not just "hey the WAN link is busy." Intellipool/KNM is the first product I've seen that can graph network traffic which does NOT seem to do this!

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  • I second this request - desparately needed to make KNM useful.

  • I put together some monitors looking at the inbound/outbound traffic OIDs. They have to be applied specifically to the device, but they work out OK for me.

    (OID1 * 8) / 1000 seems to get me Kilobytes/second pretty nicely.

  • I got the following reply from the development team:

    The bandwidth monitor today shows the combined traffic in the graphs. We are about to fix that in v5.

    Until then a customer can use a SNMP monitor for ifOutOctets and ifInOctets that do the same thing.

    Hope this helps.

  • The correct calulation in an SNMP monitor to get Kpbs is:

    (OID1 * 8) / 1024