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Network discovery

  • Does anyone know how the network discovery works in terms of firewall? I can't seem to detect any devices if their firewall is switched on. What ports needs to be opened?

  • it should work right thru the firewall, it installs the discovery agent onto the agent you choose, and then works from within the firewall.

  • Are you referring to the Kaseya Network discovery module? I am referring to the network discovery function in KNM (intellipool)

  • how are you trying to scan a network - did you install the gateway server?

  • You're not scanning "through" their firewall, you need to install a gateway system behind it, then configure it to check in. The same installer you used to setup the KNM server rig can be used to install a gateway. Then you add a network, go to Settings | Distributed Testing (yeah, I love that "testing" is in the name of the feature... ahem) and create a new gateway entry.

    The documentation on this part of it isn't actually terrible, but it took me a few tries to really get the hang of it. Now if only I could get a gateway to CHECK IN...

  • Ok, but this was on the standard edition where the KNM server was behind our perimeter firewall, but the windows firewall on the machine seems to be blocking the scan. I could only detect 1 of 4 machines in the test network (the one with the windows firewall stopped). These test machines are fresh installs and have the default firewall settings, surely there must be something I need to open for the network discovery to work?