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KNM Licensing

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I have KNM Assets that equal 85 when I look at Licenising.  How do I find out what those 85 assets are among the 1400+ devices in discovery?



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  • Go to the Audit / View Assets menu

    I/m 99% sure that all Assets counting towards a KNM license should show as ....

    a) Have a Barcode Symbol as the Icon

    b) Have a tick in the Monitoing Column

  • When Licensing shows KNM Asset = xx that usually means that some monitoring is applied to a non-agent device under Network Monitor.

    When we apply monitoring to a device which has no agent installed KNM will automatically take a license to perform this monitoring.

    You can check under Network Monitor - Monitoring - View to see if some monitoring has been applied.

    Assets will not take a license until monitoring is applied.