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Can erroneous spikes be filtered out when running reports?

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I have am trying to run reports and keep getting the large spikes with the data. Can these be filtered out either when the data is gathered or when the reports are created inside of KNM. I have attached a screenshot of what I am talking about. This connection only has a 1 Gb link so it should not be over that. 

Thanks in advance. Have a great holiday.

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  • I have this same problem with KNM. Make bandwidth/availability reports absolutely useless. I have seen this across multiple devices (firewalls and switches) and across different vendors (Sonicwall, Cisco, Dell, Fortinet).It seems pretty obvious that Kaseya has no interest in updating, adding or resolving some of these issues with KNM. Obviously because of Traverse.

  • Yeah this is one of those areas of continued frustration for me where they basically stopped making any improvements to KNM after the purchase of Traverse.  While I understand from a business perspective that they would much rather make money on the product by selling you Traverse which costs extra.  They never even fully finished integrating the interface of KNM with the rest of the VSA.  It basically looks and feels like a half-baked product.