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services disappeared

  • The service Kaseya Record Manger no longer exists after upgrade to 9.3.

    KNM Graph not updating 

    2 gateways don't become active even after a uninstaal / install gateway.



    I recommend creating a support ticket, the service should not be removed or no longer exist after upgrade.This would lead me to believe the upgrade did not run successfully or something is hindering the upgrade process.

    Kaseya Record Manager Service corresponds to KNM data and storing historical data, which may be why your graphs are not updating.

    In regards to the gateway machines that are problematic, what OS Type are they?

  • sorry for having to say this but "same *** happens again," each time we migrate from one version to the new one KNM never gets right. Lot of monitors sets on devices such as 3com / esx / servers.....start failing. Its a complete mess again :

    - some monitors and this on all kind of devices no longer work.....

    - some gateways are not coming up after an uninstall + re-install.....

    - needed up update again an kaseya *.asp page t have the live-connect window to pop-up

     ( reported months ago.....)

    if at least Kaseya could make sure that "what is working" still works after an upgrade......

  • the pb with the record manager is rather urgent as I will be on holidays as from friday evening and don't won't to leave my colleages with such a mess.


    I see you have created 2-3 tickets on this issue but all of them have been raised with low priority and judging by your comments - this does not seem like a low impact issue for you.

    As such I have requested support management to look at your Record Manager ticket.


    In regards to your gateway issue, are you able to clarify what OS this is happening on?

  • sorry but last time I put a high priority ticket in I was ticket on my fingers by support so anyway...

    os is 2008 windows server