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  • Right now I am just concentrating on importing Dell's OMSA mibs into KNM.  I used the Mib compiler and have saved the .dat file in the knm\mib folder... do I need to restart the KNM service to get the new items to show or do I need to write over the current .dat file or what.

    I will admit I am almost completely lost on SNMP, this is my first foray into using it, and its rough going.

    I believe KNM requires prior knowledge of how SNMP works, as there is no step by step guide to get it working (as far as I can find).

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Well I restarted the KNM service and that did the trick... Kaseya I would probably make a Step 7 in the directions that mentions that...

  • Still any helpful directions on how to basically get SNMP up and running would be appreciated.

    I am currently working on trying to gain insight into Dell OpenManage.  I have it installed on a server (2012) and I have enabled SNMP service in Windows and added the community string and SNMP trap destination. Besides turning on SNMP Trap monitoring using the same community string on the KNM Gateway in this particular lab network.  And this is where I get foggy (and I probably didn't do all the previous steps correctly either).

  • Hey  

    It sounds as though you were able to figure out SNMP monitoring previously.

    Now you are trying to do SNMP Trap monitoring or are you still trying to configure SNMP monitoring?

    As these will require different configurations/settings.

    If you are trying to do SNMP Trap monitoring - check out if you have the default Windows SNMP Trap service running on this box.

    We have the following thread which discusses troubleshooting SNMP Traps with some responses from David and Robert who wrote KNM.


    If you are still having trouble with monitoring your box with SNMP please let me know.

    It may also be worthwhile to create a support ticket to track the issue - if you have not done so already. (If you have, please let me know the ticket #)

  • So clearly... I am not a golfer...

    I have never got SNMP working anywhere inside or outside Kaseya (nor have I tried).

    Nicolas that was very helpful... I thought SNMP sent notifications to SNMP Traps... an assumption I made based of the names I guess. I did not surprisingly pick this up from my research until your resjavascript:void(0);ponse made me google snmp vs snmp trap to find they are apparently two different approaches to SNMP.