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Windows Performance Counters in Network Monitoring Vs Core Monitoring

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So I have been tasked to create Hyper-V monitor sets as the ones we currently have in the VSA core Monitoring is lacking Network monitoring because core Monitoring for some unknown reason is incapable of Monitoring Network Interfaces.

To reconfirm this I created a core monitor set for Hyper-V network performance counters;

And as expected I got absolutely no data from any of these counters (@Kaseya still waiting an explanation on why this does not work...).

Kaseya's Network Monitor is suppose to overcome this issue so yesterday I started working on this in Network Monitor (R9.1) and noticed something strange.

When I try and add a Windows Performance counter I only get 2 Objects to select from. I checked this against several Hyper-V hosts and got the exact same 2 only Performance counter objects so the missing counters that I'm expecting to see is no just limited to one Hyper-V Host.

I tried to rescan however it did not add any more objects and if you compare the list of Hyper-V Performance Counter object in Kasey core Monitoring, most that I can currently use something is definitely wrong here.

Also considering that this is a Windows machines I'm expecting to see many more Performance Counter Object not related to Hyper-V yet they are not there.

I have looked at all the resources I could find online, but it I have so far found nothing that can help me figure this out, I have even re-watched the "Kaseya Support TechJams: KNMi Overview & Troubleshooting" but unfortunately they don't cover Windows Performance counters in it at all;

Kaseya Support TechJams: KNMi Overview & Troubleshooting

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  • Note that the (KNM) gateway only collect 32 bit counters at the moment, it may be why certain counters do not show up, they are only installed as 64 bit counters.

  • So I've run into this issue as well. I have two dedicated hyper-v servers that we're trying to monitor within KNM and same issue here.

    Robert Walker, why in networking god's name are we only collecting 32bit counters in the year of 2016? Having troubles with other templates at the moment (Fortigate) and I REALLY don't want to have to build templates manually for common off the shelf equipment. Would be nice if Spiceworks wasn't kicking KNM's butt...
  • Hi  

    I have built a template for Hyper-V but it is not yet ready for public distribution as I have not had feedback from members/users on the template.

    If you would like to test out the template and provide feedback to me on the metrics applied and suggested thresholds, please reach out to me via PM.